985 — Call Centre growth drives Telsis switch expansion in Netherlands

Dec 10, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Strong demand from call centres for Screen Service, a malicious call barring solution from SNT, has led the Dutch outsourcer to double the number of ports on the Telsis switch that it bought to host the application – and buy a second switch as a development platform. Built by SNT’s own engineers using the Telsis NODAL programming language, Screen Service lets agents blacklist and bar nuisance callers, using a single key press. The CLI of each incoming call to Screen Service customers is looked up on an external database.

SNT operates its own call centres in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with a total of more than 4700 seats, as well as providing telecommunications and support services for other call centre operations throughout mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Two new applications have recently joined Screen Service on the Telsis fastSSP platform, again developed by SNT using NODAL. ‘Call Me Now’ further exploits the switch’s facilities for integration with third party systems by enabling a personalised call back request facility from multiple and differently branded web pages while ‘Call Completion Direct’ is a onward routing solution.