996 — Fast Data search deployed on Norwegian public sector portal

Dec 17, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Fast Search & Transfer, a Norwegian developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, announced that its FAST Data Search is now fully powering the search capabilities of the norge.no portal site. FAST Data Search, FAST’s enterprise search solution, combines search and real-time filtering technology with product modularity. With FAST Data Search, government portals such as norge.no (Norway) and FirstGov.gov (USA) are able to keep up with the ever-expanding amount of public data in various file formats including MS Word and PDF, while still providing the freshest and most relevant results to its users.

“We’ve found FAST Data Search to be an ideal search solution for our data-intensive environment,” commented Ove Nyland, Editor of norge.no. “In addition to delivering superior, highly-relevant search results to our end-users, the flexibility and robustness of the technology enables us to search across a variety of document formats with sub-second response,” said Ove Nyland, Editor of norge.no. “FAST Data Search has already proven to be a powerful means for improving user satisfaction, as well as improving efficiency and reducing costs.”

FAST and norge.no have collaborated in further refining the search capabilities of the portal with the addition of customised classification and categorization, in addition to advanced linguistic features for Norwegian (both “bokmål” and “nynorsk”) and samisk.

“We are pleased that norge.no is achieving its goal of providing a single access portal for the Norwegian public sector through the use of our award-winning FAST Data Search platform,” said John M. Lervik, FAST’s chief executive officer. “We are committed to helping norge.no users find the information they desire, and look forward to future collaborations that will continue to provide the best search experience possible.”

The norge.no website was established by the central government authorities and the board of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities to provide a joint access point to all Norwegian public sector information on the web. The service is designed for use by the general public and government officials at all levels.

The norge.no service is part of the Norwegian Government programme ‘A simpler Norway’. The service is owned by the Ministry of Labour and Government Administration. The Norwegian Central Information Service has the overall editorial responsibility for the site including quality, development and budget. A user group and an advisory reference group have taken part in the consultative process to develop the service.

The team responsible for editing norge.no is located at the Office of the County Governor of Sogn and Fjordane in Leikanger, west Norway. The members of the team are responsible for the ongoing technical maintenance and operation of the service.


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