2546 — E.piphany announces the E.piphany 6.5 CRM software suite

Oct 29, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Português

E.piphany announced the latest version of its E.6 software suite, E.piphany 6.5. Built on J2EE service-oriented architecture, the E.piphany 6.5 software suite delivers a new family of CRM applications that blend marketing, sales and service functions. The release of the E.piphany 6.5 software suite also introduces the E.piphany Customer Relationship Backbone, which offers enterprises the ability to unify customer data, customer intelligence, and customer-centric business processes across all departments, divisions, and systems.

“The delivery of E.piphany 6.5 marks a new first in enterprise CRM solutions,” said Phil Fernandez, president and chief operating officer at E.piphany. “With the broad new set of component services that we are delivering on top of the industry’s most innovative, J2EE-based architecture, E.piphany enables companies to deploy modular solutions that seamlessly blend the functions of marketing, sales and service and can be deployed incrementally over time.”

The E.piphany 6.5 software suite extends the company’s line of sales products to include a new E.piphany Telesales software solution, in addition to E.piphany Connected Sales, E.piphany Mobile Sales, and E.piphany Insight for Sales software applications; adds support for blended sales and service contact centers with the E.piphany Contact Center application, providing full lead management and other sales functionality and provides marketers with the ability to manage the planning, development and execution of marketing initiatives with E.piphany Marketing.

The entire E.piphany E.6 product suite will be available concurrently as part of the release of the E.piphany 6.5 software suite. General availability of the E.piphany 6.5 software suite is scheduled for November 14, 2003. The E.piphany E.6 software products are sold as a perpetual license with pricing typically starting at €214,000. Pricing is based on the number of user seats and the size of the customer base.