276 — Genesys Expert Contact transforms Enterprise Resources into Customer Service Assets

Jul 8, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

New Offering Delivers Customer Interactions Directly to Back Office, Branch and Field Locations
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Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA, Paris: CGEP.PA), in May 14 introduced Genesys Expert Contact Solution, an advanced customer interaction offering that enables businesses to extend the reach of customer service across the enterprise. By routing customer calls to business or functional experts in the back office, branch offices and field locations, Expert Contact leverages enterprise-wide resources to provide rapid, single-call resolution to customer inquiries. Faster transactions performed by more targeted resources equate to more satisfied customers; and businesses gain the benefit of reduced contact center costs and increased revenues from shorter sales cycles.

Designed to extend the power of award-winning Genesys Suite 6 contact center solutions, including Enterprise and Network Routing, Internet Contact, Outbound Contact, Workforce Management and Universal Workflow, Expert Contact can be leveraged in multiple ways. Contact center agents that may not be able to resolve a complex or critical customer inquiry can seamlessly escalate that customer to a more appropriate knowledge expert using pre-defined, business rules-based routing. Businesses may also create routing strategies that identify certain customer profiles or needs and use Expert Contact to automatically put the customer in touch with the exact department or specialized expert required for issue resolution.

“Customers are increasingly dissatisfied with service resolution times, due to an expectation of immediacy that the Internet has created,” said Tim Hickernell, Senior Program Director for E-Service at META Group. “ Lowering the barriers – both financial and architectural – to distributing real-time service processes beyond the contact center will provide companies with new opportunities to lower service cycle times and increase customer satisfaction.”

In addition to escalating customer inquiries and providing direct access to enterprise resources, Genesys Expert Contact is ideal for managing contact centers’ overflow needs. Calls can be routed during peak volumes to distributed contact center back-up resources.

Expert Contact’s ability to transfer calls to various locations, even those without computer-telephony integration technology, along with accompanying customer data supports a border-less customer-services enterprise, so businesses can provide direct, personal communication to their valued customers. Expert Contact integrates fully with 3rd party applications to further maximize CRM return-on-investment.

“Whether answering inquiries, solving problems or closing a sale, Genesys Expert Contact enables companies to resolve most customers’ needs on the first call,” said Ad Nederlof, Genesys chief executive officer. “Genesys Expert Contact helps businesses serve customers intelligently, instantly and inexpensively.”

Genesys Expert Contact software can be deployed quickly and easily from a delivery server for immediate use. And, like all Genesys Suite 6 solutions, Expert Contact Solution offers cradle-to-grave reporting, so businesses can access historical as well as real-time customer information.

Genesys Expert Contact Solution is available immediately as an extended offering to Genesys Suite 6 users. Prices start at U.S. $900 per seat.


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