1027 — WICOM deploys solution at Trade Union of Education in Finland

Jan 23, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Wicom Communications, a Finnish provider of IP contact center and enterprise communications software, announced the deployment of Wicom Contact Center solution at the Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ). Representing teachers at various school levels, OAJ currently has 112 744 members. The Wicom solution is incorporated as a hosted service by Merlin Systems and will be in production by March 2004.

The Wicom Contact Center solution directs all inbound contacts to an OAJ employee with appropriate skills regardless of his or her location. With the entire OAJ staff engaged in member services on demand, the solutions aims at paring down call queuing times bringing expertise to members faster than before.

“The Wicom solution increases the efficiency of the OAJ office with 120 staff as a true service community”, said Erkki Kangasniemi, President, OAJ. “Wicom allows us to utilise the expertise of our specialists to the full, and significantly decreases the impact of the absence or unavailability of specific individuals – reflecting directly to the quality of our member services. In addition, we no longer need several parallel communication systems.”

The Wicom Contact Center solution unifies the routing and management of all inbound phone calls, emails and other contacts to OAJ. The solution collects a data log of the demand of different service types and the areas of expertise required. This reporting tool enables OAJ both to allocate resources in real time and to estimate resource requirements in a longer term. The reports also include information on the quality of service, providing OAJ with ideas and insight to plan staff trainings.

OAJ is the largest member union of the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland (AKAVA). The union membership of 95 per cent of Finnish teachers ranges from day-care center teachers to teachers at various school levels, institutes of learning and vocational schools, to lecturers in universities. The membership also includes teacher students and veteran teachers.

Wicom Contact Center solution is based on Wicom CSS (Communications Server Suite), an open all-IP communications server architecture for unified queuing, prioritising, and routing for all contacts. The suite includes the functionalities of a traditional PBX telephony system and offers a migration path to centrally managed and administrated all-IP business communications.