1029 — Aspect to deliver Microsoft-based solutions to contact centres

Jan 23, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Aspect announced that it has expanded its global strategic alliance with Microsoft to include a new relationship with Microsoft’s speech technology division. As part of the agreement, Aspect has joined Microsoft’s Speech Partner Program, designed to proliferate the use of speech technologies in corporate enterprise environments and provide opportunities for developing, deploying and reselling speech solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

Aspect also announced its endorsement of Speech Application Language Tags (SALT), an emerging standard for speech-enabling telephony, mobile and web applications. In addition, Aspect announced plans for the first in a suite of speech-enabled applications built to run on the Microsoft Speech Server (MSS)– the Aspect eSchedule Planner, an interactive voice response (IVR) module within the Aspect eWorkforce Management solution.

The MSS, used in conjunction with the Microsoft Speech Application Software Development nKit (SASDK), forms a speech package for companies interested in developing, testing, deploying and managing SALT -based telephony and multimodal applications.

Under this agreement, Aspect will develop and deploy new applications built with the Microsoft SASDK on the Microsoft Speech Server, as well as MSS-based versions of existing Aspect speech-enabled applications. The first of these speech-enabled applications to be released will be Aspect eSchedule Planner for MSS, currently in trial with the Shop at Home Network, an Aspect customer.

The Aspect eSchedule Planner is an IVR application that automates a range of contact centre staffing processes involving time-off requests, anticipated late-arrival reports, illness and other agent information critical to scheduling.