1048 — Lloyds TSB division implements Witness eQuality

Jan 29, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Witness Systems announced that Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division has implemented its eQuality software for use in four UK contact centres. eQuality ContactStore was installed to integrate quality call recording into the Division‘s customer service and consumer sales operation. Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division is constantly looking to enhance its customer satisfaction programme, and call recording was identified as a critical element to take the programme to the next level.

“The consultancy sessions were extremely useful, as they provided customised insight and actions unique to our business strategy and goals. We involved employees from various levels of the organisation in the process – including team managers, team leaders and agents – and took the group off-site to go through the process, which I would recommend wholeheartedly to any organisation implementing this type of technology,” said Mark Crocker, head of CRM operations for Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division.

Specific business issues that eQuality ContactStore is addressing include call driver analysis, the process of identifying the root cause for customer contacts into the organisation. With eQuality‘s deployment, Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division now has an automated system in place that allows contact centre management, as well as agents, to determine the reasons for call volume increases. When enquiries are identified as recurrent themes, this information is fed into the frequently asked questions log to be addressed. The system also assists agents in up-selling, allowing them to review best practice interactions from other agent-customer contacts.