1081 — DMG Consulting releases “2004 Quality Management/Liability Recording Product and Market Report”

Feb 10, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

DMG Consulting has just announced the availability of “2004 Quality Management/Liability Recording Product and Market Report”. This is an authoritative guide to the quality management (QM) and liability recording products, vendors and market – including related e-learning, performance management and analytics applications. Written by Donna Fluss , former vice president and research director in Gartner’s CRM practice, this timely report reveals detailed application sales projections as well as market penetration opportunities through 2005 and details the key market drivers. Europe Contact Center will be the sole distributor of the report to the European market.

The 2004 Quality Management/Liability Recording Product and Market Report is targeted to companies planning to invest in or upgrade these technologies to improve their contact center operations.

Scope of this Report

· Overview of the contact center and QM/liability recording markets
· Trends that influence the contact center and QM/liability recording markets
· Detailed corporate, functional and technical comparisons of the top vendors
· Product pricing summary
· In-depth company and product reviews for the top vendors
· Market projections

Key Reasons to Buy this Report

· Learn the most up-to-date information about the QM/liability recording market, vendors and products.
· Save considerable time and money in the technology selection process, with immediate payback.
· Get the product and pricing information you need to successfully negotiate the vendor selection process.
· Understand the major factors driving and shaping the future of the contact center and QM/liability recording markets.

Sample Figure

Table of Contents

1. In This Report
2. Introduction
3. Contact Centers in Transition
4. Contact Center Trends
5. Quality Management/Liability Recording Market
6. Quality Management/Liability Recording Competitive Environment
7. Quality Management/Liability Recording Trends
8. Vendor Strategies
9. Product Functional Analysis
    9.1 Technology
    9.2 Security
    9.3 Detailed Functional Comparison
          9.3.1 Administration
          9.3.2 Logging
          9.3.3 Quality Monitoring Environment
          9.3.4 Retrieval and Storage
          9.3.5 Integration
          9.3.6 IVR Surveying
          9.3.7 eLearning
          9.3.8 Performance Management
          9.3.9 Speech Analytics
          9.3.10 Analytics
          9.3.11 Reporting
10. Small/Mid-Size Solutions
11. Training
12. Market Projections
13. Penetration of Quality Management/Liability Recording Systems
14. Pricing
15. Company and Product Reports
      15.1 Market Leaders
              15.1.1 Envision
              15.1.2 etalk
              15.1.3 NICE
              15.1.4 Verint
              15.1.5 Witness Systems
      15.2 Emerging Company
              15.2.1 Magnetic North
16. Appendix: Quality Management/Liability Recording Vendor Directory
17. Glossary


Ordering Information

For information on how to order the report and its associated services please contact Manuel Melo at +351 21 324 37 55 (phone), +351 21 324 37 59 (fax) or [email protected]

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