1163 — Rhetorical announces new Call Center Suite

Mar 16, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Rhetorical has announced a new product designed specifically for the call centre market. The Call Center Suite comprises several enhancements to Rhetorical’s text-to-speech technology to ensure improved speech output for call centre applications. The Call Center Suite also makes it easier for application developers and call centre managers to implement speech synthesis technology in the call centre.

It allows them to automate a wide range of telephone interactions, such as bank customers requesting account information or making a payment, book club customers calling in to inform the club of a change of address, travel agencies automating the way they deal with brochure requests, or dental practices automatically phoning patients to remind them of their appointment.

The Call Center Suite deals with spoken output issues that are common across such applications. Extensive lexicons ensure that names of people, streets and places in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand are pronounced accurately. This includes abbreviations like “Dr Jones” or “Holyrood Rd”. Sophisticated processing rules make sure that telephone numbers, credit card numbers or monetary amounts are read out accurately and intelligibly. And specialised modules make sure that addresses and postal codes are read the way agents would read them.

The Call Center Suite also contains a library of ActivePrompts. This is a patented technique which allows prompts (like “Welcome to Acme Banking! How can I help you today”) to be created using rVoice text-to-speech while still giving it exactly the intonation and style close to live prompts. These ActivePrompts can be combined with other prompts, or with dynamic information, in a text-to-speech process, in any one of Rhetorical’s voices.