1165 — Rhetorical spricht Deutsch – und Englisch

Mar 25, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Rhetorical has created new voices for the burgeoning German market capable of seamlessly switching between German and English. The voices, Rhetorical’s first German male voice, professional and reassuring in character, and a young, informal female voice, are able to mix English and German to reflect natural speech patterns. The technology recognises when to use German pronunciation and when to use English pronunciation from a simple text input.

Rhetorical already has a flagship deployment with Germany’s Sparda Bank, automating more than 50,000 calls per month from customers checking account information or paying bills by phone. The bilingualism of the new German voices adds flexibility as well as widening the choice of voice types for developers looking to voice-enable services.

One example of news reporting or email reading might read ‘Der FC Bayern gewinnt mit 3:1 gegen Real Madrid in der Champions League’. RVoice an correctly distinguish the German words and pronunciations, including the correct German numerals, as well as accurately pronouncing ‘Champions League’. Other examples might include international news stories, music or cinema industry updates, or product information.