1176 — Alcatel launches Alcatel OmniPCX Office 3.0 in Europe

Mar 30, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel announced the new 3.0 release of Alcatel OmniPCX Office in Europe. This new release integrates two new major applications: the Alcatel OmniTouch Call Centre Office, providing call centre functionality, and the Alcatel nomadic Web Communication Assistant, enabling access to voice and e-mail messages with a simple browser. The Alcatel OmniTouch Call Centre Office is an integrated customer interaction management solution featuring full call centre functionality. This embedded application supports up to 32 agents in up to 8 groups. The groups can be defined by people skills, by company departments or for specific inbound calls such as VIP calls.

It manages automatic incoming call distribution and call queuing with customised welcome prompts for each group. Dedicated messages can be played depending on the situation, for queue waiting time or for time of day. Calls can overflow from one group to another based on priority.

Alcatel OmniTouch Call Centre Office supports multiple user interfaces for the agents, including Alcatel digital Reflexes sets, Alcatel DECT sets, Alcatel IP Reflexes sets, analog sets or PIMphony IP, the Alcatel PC based soft phone. With IP phone sets and PIMphony IP, a business can deploy an IP call centre solution supporting remote agents.

The PC-based ‘Agent Assistant’ provides session control, personal statistics and screen display of caller information provided by a database. The ‘Supervisor Console’ provides real-time monitoring to better manage communication flow, traffic level and resource allocation. In addition, the ‘Statistic Manager’ application provides consolidated statistics, which can be displayed with pre-defined graphical reports.

The Alcatel Web Communication Assistant is a thin client-based application allowing on-site and off-site users to access their voice messages and e-mail inbox with a simple web browser.

This application integrates a ‘nomadic’ feature which allows a remote user to route phone calls to any external phone set. They can access their voice messages and email from anywhere ensuring vital contact with customers and colleagues when out of the office.