1179 — The European Telecoms Forum (IDC), 26-27 Apr. 2004, Rome, Italy

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The telecoms market in Europe has undergone a number of significant evolutionary phases during the last ten years. Such phases have included the introduction of 2G mobile services, the impact of the internet and the introduction of competition into the fixed line voice markets. The market is now in what can only be described as a ‘migrationary period’, where most segments of the industry are going through a fundamental change. Rarely has so much been happening at the same time. IDC is pleased to announce the sixth edition of The European Telecoms Forum, taking place April 26 & 27, 2004 in Rome at the Sheraton Golf Hotel Parco de’ Medici.

Traffic from fixed line networks is migrating rapidly onto wireless, users of legacy managed data network and leased line services are migrating towards IP -based solutions, broadband access solutions are revolutionising the way users access the internet.

From an enterprise communications perspective TDM voice is now giving way to IP voice, Ethernet-based connectivity is stretching well beyond the WAN, and service providers are eager to offer solutions well beyond simple connectivity.

In the wireless domain Europe is eagerly awaiting the widespread introduction of 3G services, wireless operators are utilising interim technologies to deliver enhanced services in order to drive up user spend and the possibilities offered by WLAN solutions are revolutionising user behaviour whether in the office, on location or in the home.

Such fundamental changes in the market are creating opportunities for a whole host of communications solutions providers. Such opportunities lie within home users, business users and the services providers. Such opportunities also lie beyond the provision of connectivity services – in areas such as back-office solutions, which include billing, customer care and support services.

Providers of solutions into the telecommunications industry must therefore maintain a high level of understanding of these fundamental changes that are re-shaping the market and the effects such changes are having on their partners and customers.

The conference will be aimed at future market dynamics:

· Migration of telephony traffic from fixed to mobile networks
· Users of legacy managed data network and leased line services moving to IP-VPNs
· Revolution in use and provisioning of broadband access services
· Implementation of IP Voice in the enterprise network
· Stretching Ethernet well beyond the WAN
· Adding value to connectivity for Service Providers
· Impact of the introduction of 3G services
· Affect on the market of alternatives to 3G services – in particular WLANs
· Effective implementation of wireless solutions in the enterprise
· Service provider need for enhanced billing and support services

This Forum will be aimed at three distinct types of attendees: 1) the service provider community (fixed line, wireless and IP services), 2) the companies providing solutions to service providers, and 3) the business user community eager to benefit from the opportunities offered by service providers.

Carriers from all over Europe will share their success stories with the attendees, while the top IDC analysts will act as integrators also adding the value of IDC ’s research and expertise.

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