1181 — Genesys introduces Voice Platform: Developer Edition

Apr 1, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Genesys announced the availability its Voice Platform: Developer Edition (‘Developer Edition’), a stand-alone, comprehensive development system for building VoiceXML 2.0-based applications. Genesys Voice Platform delivers enhanced self-service applications that provide access to web-based information using natural voice commands. Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition provides all the components necessary to build and test voice-based applications, including standards-based speech recognition and text-to-speech software, dialog modules and tuning tools from ScanSoft.

Developers can create applications and test integrations with back-end systems such as databases, mainframes and other applications including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and salesforce automation.
After building an application, developers can deploy the code in any HTTP-compliant web server and provision the application using the Voice Platform Manager. Once provisioned, the application can be tested using any SIP softphone to call the application. In addition, the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Simulator in the Developer Edition enables the simulation of CTI interactions, such as the passing of attached data and transferring the call to an agent.

Other features of Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition, include minimal hardware requirements, complete speech processing capabilities, advanced call control functionality and seamless Genesys suite integration.