1215 — MasterCard adopts Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters to revamp transaction processing system

May 13, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Oracle logoMasterCard has implemented Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters at its European Headquarters in Brussels. The decision to replace the existing mainframe was due to its high cost and limited performance. With Oracle technology in place, MasterCard estimates supporting up to 20 million transactions per hour from a previous average of nine to 11 million transactions per hour.

According to Oracle, MasterCard choice was taken after discovering it would offer improved performance at half the cost of IBM’s DB2. Since going live, MasterCard announced eliminating downtime completely and meet even the most demanding of Service Level Agreements.

Peter Vandenbroucke, Vice-President for Systems Development at Mastercard explains ‘Oracle Database delivers an extremely cost effective, robust and scalable platform which exceeds the requirements that were set out initially. With the new platform, we are able to offer our clients lower costs and guarantee that we can meet extremely demanding service level agreements‘.

Oracle says it has enabled MasterCard to offer the lower fees needed to grow its customer base, decreased the amount of time needed to implement new financial message types, and reduced the time it takes to develop new message types from two years to just 6 months.


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