1239 — The Age of Management Software is here, says Ken Cro, CA’s CEO

May 24, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

“IT management will be the next major phase in the evolution of computing” predicts Kenneth Cron, CEO at Computer Associates. “There have been three main phases of computing: first, the mainframe; second, distributed computing; and third, Internet computing. Now we’re entering a fourth phase: The Age of Management Software ”.  Cron, who was named CA’s interim CEO last April, believes that the high level of technology innovation in the industry is bringing a steady stream of new and better products, as well as an entirely new level of complexity to consumers of IT.


Speaking at the opening of the company’s annual user conference, in Las Vegas, Cron pointed that “this situation tends to get more complicated because vendors don’t necessarily get along, and they don’t always talk to one another”, therefore “nothing integrates easily, and consumers are left to juggle multiple platforms, applications and standards”.

According to him it is not just the major product introductions that add complexity to IT environments, but also the thousands of software patches that come out every year. Cron advises customers to manage all components of their technology infrastructure (network, storage and security) in a complete and comprehensive way. Better management, says, turns IT ownership more efficient, responsive and better aligned with the business. “Management software enables you to find underutilized pockets of great technology in your enterprise, harness it, and put it to use”, Cron said.


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