1268 — Alchemy is the future mobile technology concept by BEA Systems

Jun 1, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The application infrastructure software company, BEA Systems, has turned public, last BEA eWorld Conference, its future technology concept code-named Alchemy , which is said to be designed to enable mobile workers to be as productive offline as they are online.

BEA Systems refers to Alchemy as a fundamental component of BEA’s Liquid Computing, projected to be the industry’s first universal client platform designed and optimized for service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and the realities of occasionally connected mobile users. Alchemy supports the breakthrough productivity pillar of BEA’s Liquid Computing vision of a fluid enterprise that can help change IT responsiveness from “months to minutes”, says BEA.

Alchemy is based on asynchronous communications, XML and Web services and expects to improve mobile worker productivity with a consistent, highly intuitive user interface for applications, whether or not there is an Internet connection.


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