1442 — Austin Logistics’ Launches Valeo for Call Centers

Aug 20, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Austin Logistics has announced the availability of a new product for inbound call centers, Valeo.

By adding Valeo’s predictive analytics and value-driven queuing to their existing pre-agent routing systems, this provider says companies can improve treatment of high-value customers in several important ways, such as, near-zero wait times, pre-emptive retention offers, and appropriate cross-sell promotions.

The software applies predictive analytics in real-time using critical customerand prospect data to determine each inbound caller’s future value and the caller’s reaction to all available service levels. Valeo then tags each call for the appropriate service level, for example, self-service resolution or retention agent.

“Valeo directs agents’ time to callers who, with the right treatment, become more loyal and generate higher profits,” said Daniel Duncan, President of Austin Logistics. “Even with limited resources, the callers who will yield the strongest relationships and the highest long-term profitability are given the best treatment first. Valeo is a solution that truly fulfills the often-heard promise of turning call centers into profit centers


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