1481 — Next-Generation Travel Experience Becomes a Reality for Transport Lausanne Via Avaya Converged Technology

Sep 16, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Avaya has announced that Transport Lausanne has adopted an Avaya converged communications network to improve services for its 72 million passengers and reduce its communications costs.

On the release note, it is pointed that by migrating to Avaya IP solutions, Transport Lausanne will share over €130,000 per year off its bottom line, and will experience improved communications processes both internally and with customers. Previously each of these sites operated its own local, analogue communications system, which meant that staff were unable to communicate easily between sites, compromising performance and control. Avaya says Transport Lausanne required a blend of applications, systems and services compatible with its existing analogue infrastructure operated across six sites.

The Avaya flagship IP Telephony offering, Avaya Communication Manager is now installed at Transport Lausanne. The software is running on an Avaya S8700 Media Server with Avaya G700 Media Gateways and across all six of its sites. Approximately 200 employees are using Avaya IP telephones, including 50 Avaya IP wireless phones currently deployed utilising 45 Avaya wireless access points.Jean-Philippe Suter, Project Leader, Transport Lausanne said that “You can’t run a world-class transport infrastructure using an outdated network environment. Avaya’s IP solutions seamlessly integrated with our existing analogue system and are already showing positive results — improved performance, reduced operating costs and a higher quality of customer service“.



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