1520 — Loquendo TTS supports Mixed Language Texts and Emotional Expressivities

Oct 15, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Loquendo, the global speech technology company has announced that a new European country has been added in its portfolio: Holland!

Willem, the new male Dutch voice able of being as natural as never before, is the latest development in Loquendo’s multilingual world of lifelike synthetic speech.Customers now can leverage on a High Quality Dutch Voice that can be used in different applications such as Voice Activated Dialing, Email Reading, Voice Portals, Navigation, Timetable & Traffic Information, Call Center, CRM and Unified Messaging.

This new entry into the family of Loquendo TTS is presented as a new landmark in Loquendo’s commitment to providing customers with expanded reach in today’s global marketplace for both embedded and network-based applications. Quite soon Willem will be joined by the Loquendo TTS bubbly Dutch female voice. ‘Loquendo’s mission is to provide end-users with the best voice applications and to continue with investments in the speech technology market,‘ said Rosanna Duce, Sales and Marketing VP of Loquendo.

‘The release of Loquendo TTS in Dutch is a great news for European businesses that are looking to maximize their existing speech investments and provide callers with a truly experienced technology’. Loquendo is continuously working at giving expressiveness to Loquendo TTS. Loquendo TTS voices provide ‘expressive cues’, such as paralinguistic events (e.g. breath, cough, laugh, etc.) and conventional formulas (e.g. greetings, apologies, etc.) uttered with expressive prosody. Such cues are available to the TTS users to enliven their voice prompts.


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