1543 — Transversal develops ‘eGov Answer’ to help the Public Sector meet email response targets

Nov 11, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The Provider of eCustomer Service software solutions, Transversal, has announced an ‘eGov Answer’ eService solution to help the public sector meet eGovernment targets.

On the release note, Transversal , points that eGov Answer reduces the volume and response times of contact centre email by providing the answers to the public’s questions, automatically, on government and local authority websites. This reduces the pressure and dependency on public sector contact centres, while improving the public’s experience and take-up of online services.

Local Authorities across the UK are only weeks away from the deadline to submit details of how they plan to achieve the compulsory eGov priority outcomes, including the requirement to respond to emails from the public within one working day. According to Transversal , local authorities will get bogged down by increasing numbers of email, and fail government response targets, unless they invest in systems that answer the public’s queries online.

Gerard Buckley, CEO, Transversal, stated that “the only way to get public acceptance for low cost eService channels is to make them easier to use than traditional contact methods. Bearing in mind it only takes one bad online experience to drive customers back to the phone, the priority for eGovernment should be getting the service right for the general public”.

User acceptance for public services is key. Without it many eGov initiatives are doomed to fail. User-friendly eService systems can help realise the investment that local authorities have already made in back office systems. Without offering customers decent support and options to get their questions and queries answered, investment in eGovernment by local authorities will be wasted and contact centres will be drowning in email. If you set out to use technology to solve customer problems and improve service levels you will invariably end up with efficiency savings” added Buckley .

Tranversal expects to showcase eGov Answer to the public sector, on 2nd December, at The Royal Society, London, and to include case study presentations from The Metropolitan Police and The British Army.



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