1546 — Alcatel launches its 3G Reality Centre in Brazil

Nov 11, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel has announced the inauguration of its latest born 3G Reality Centre (3GRC) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Brazilian 3G Reality Centre, powered by Alcatel’s industry Evolium global mobile solution, will nurture local apprenticeship and research for innovative 2.5G and 3G end-to-end multimedia solutions, using a fully open infrastructure independent of technology standards and based on attractive local content for Latin American end-users.

Services displayed at Rio’s 3GRC are said to focus on audio/video, messaging and payment, and include such services as watching your favorite soccer team goals or movie trailers premières, selecting and booking your hotel, playing interactively with worldwide players, setting up a dinner while making reservation in your favorite restaurant, as well as accessing local street maps for guidance.

The music service called Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) is another new solution available for the Latin American market and showcased at Alcatel’s 3GRC in Rio.A Personalised RingBack Tone subscriber will be able to personalize the usual mechanical ring back tone heard until the call is connected, by selected music tracks, sound effects or personal messages. Universal Mobile also offers the best of its content repertoire for Ring Back Tone application all over Latin America, with musics and messages in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


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