1547 — Teltone Launches Emergency Notification Service

Nov 11, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The provider of enterprise communications solutions, Teltone Corporation, has announced the introduction of an emergency notification service that enables proactive announcements to inform key personnel, partners, and customers quickly in crisis and non-emergency situations.

The service called “Hosted Notify” promises to offer a lower cost of entry, while eliminating costly infrastructure, labor, and maintenance requirements.

‘Hosted Notify offers all the same features and benefits of Teltone’s second-generation notification products,’ commented Debra Griffith, Teltone president and CEO. ‘But in a service format that is easier to afford, deploy, and maintain. Many of our customers prefer to purchase a hosted service with minimal start-up costs, and pay for only what they use.

Hosted Notify automates the emergency notification process, providing consistent, clear, and timely announcements. Contacts receive customized messages via phone, email, pager, or SMS text message. Hosted Notify can be used for organizing emergency response teams, activating on-call staff, managing large facilities and service teams, service outage notifications, activating claims adjusters, day-to-day employee communications, school announcements, and military status alerts.

Hosted Notify includes password verification prior to delivering sensitive messages, to ensure that information is never divulged to the wrong party. Notify also requires contacts to accept or reject messages, helping to identify in real-time which individuals are available to help with recovery or crisis management efforts. These security measures ensure that emergency notification campaigns are successful and well organized.


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