1580 — Talisma’s Enhanced NetAgent V6.6

Dec 3, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Talisma has launched the 6.6 version of the comprehensive Multi-channel interaction management solution for contact centres, NetAgent.

Key enhancements include a version of NetAgent Chat that allows agents to proactively engage Web site visitors, based on unique criteria, using real-time text messaging. It also enables agents to assist customers with form completion and provides the ability to ‘push’ Web pages to potential customers while co-browsing.

Developed specifically for contact centres, Talisma NetAgent 6.6 is based on call centre best practices and is comprised of three award-winning applications – NetAgent Email, NetAgent Chat, and NetAgent CTI. NetAgent 6.6 powers customer service and support operations by intelligently dispatching and routing incoming requests to agents across multiple channels, ensuring customers receive the optimum level of service necessary to resolve their issues.

Talisma’s NetAgent 6.6 features an improved agent and supervisor interface including enhanced search capabilities and the addition of user defined offline reason codes for agents to indicate status. Visual service level indicators have been added throughout the product, which enable agents to monitor individual performance against company defined services levels. Talisma NetAgent 6.6 introduces outbox functionality enabling supervisors to manage outgoing responses real-time. Enhanced reporting allows supervisors to generate and email historical reports on demand. On the customer side, Net Agent 6.6 provides an improved interface including support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and an enhanced HTML client.

Additionally, NetAgent 6.6 ships with many new telephony enhancements, including multi-line voice conferencing and screen popup countdown. Multi-line voice conferencing allows multi-person telephone meetings with customers and other agents, avoiding the need to set-up additional calls for each. Screen Countdown Popups alert the agent to the amount of time that has passed since last responding to the customer and alerts them to respond within a predetermined time period in order to meet the company’s service level goals.


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