1590 — Onyx Software Awarded Contract from Australia`s Queensland Government

Dec 15, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Onyx Software Corporation has announced that it has been awarded a contract by the Queensland (Australia) Government’s Department of Child Safety and Department of Communities.

Onyx anticipates that license and professional services for this contract will result in about $1.2 million in revenue to be realized in the second quarter of 2005 timeframe based on the targeted completion of services for the project’s initial phase. The contract contemplates, but does not obligate, additional Queensland purchases which Onyx expects will result in similar projected revenue to be realized in late 2005 through early 2006.

‘When evaluating a project of this scale, finding a provider who could manage the process from conception to fulfillment and provide long-term support was a challenge,’ said a spokesperson for the Department of Child Safety. ‘This end-to-end service capability was an important factor in the departments’ decision to choose Onyx and Fujitsu. They provided the core functionality we were looking for.’

On the release note, Onyx explains that the contracts were awarded to Onyx and Fujitsu Australia as part of a Queensland Government initiative to reform child protection and youth justice service delivery through improved information management. The integrated client management system (ICMS) will be used by the Queensland Government’s Department of Child Safety and Department of Communities. The system will allow caseworkers to store and access information about each child or young person in the child protection or youth justice system and care givers. It will replace a number of enterprise systems and myriad local systems that have evolved over time. The system will be introduced throughout the state from mid-2005.


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