1663 — Avaya wins the best in VoiceCon award for managed IP services

Feb 11, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Avaya won the Best In VoiceCon Award for Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony. The single award winner was selected by a vote of attendees at VoiceCon 2005, one of the leading conference and exhibition events in the enterprise communications industry.

Developed by Avaya Global Services, the new solution was announced and demonstrated publicly for the first time at VoiceCon 2005. The software-based service proactively monitors the relationship between voice and data IP applications, as well as their shared physical network infrastructure, in a holistic way. With this service, businesses can quickly detect, and in many cases automatically resolve, performance issues at their source, before they can affect network operation. Data networks are by nature dynamic environments, and there are many components that must work together for the network to perform at its best. Maintaining the interrelationships of the components is key to ensuring top performance of IP telephony networks.

The Avaya solution monitors converged IP networks by constantly measuring capacity, performance and other key metrics of a healthy network. It uses techniques that are unique in the industry to analyze the root cause of problems, such as high latency, and uses specially developed Avaya software to fix them and learn how to identify them more quickly if they happen again. Over an IP telephony connection, high latency, which is the time it takes for a packet of data to travel from its origin to its destination, can disrupt voice conversations in VoIP applications. Jitter, which is shaky pulses of data that could dramatically degrade the sound of a voice conversation, is another common problem that the Avaya solution can find and eliminate.

‘It is a tremendous honor to win this award at VoiceCon, one of the industry’s most influential events, and winning by attendee vote is especially gratifying,’ said Francis M. Scricco, group vice president, Avaya Global Services. ‘Managing IP networks effectively is a top priority for our customers. With Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony, we’re helping companies support confident migration to flexible, reliable and secure IP networking .’

The solution is available now in North America and will be available globally later this year.


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