1717 — BT eclipses 5 million broadband target and sets out vision for the future

Apr 6, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

BT announced it will connect its five millionth wholesale broadband customer, beating a target set by the company a year ahead of schedule.

Ben Verwaayen, BT’s CEO said ‘Three years ago when we set a target of five million by 2006 it seemed a daunting task. To have reached this milestone so early into 2005 is a massive achievement for the whole industry. The momentum of broadband is continuing to build. The latest million connections have come in just four months, and BT is connecting a customer every ten seconds. But now the focus needs to move from broadband availability towards the ways in which broadband can improve people’s lives. At work through greater productivity, and at home by delivering a whole range of new services”.

BT believes that if the Government and the industry keep working together, by 2007:

· The UK economy could be boosted by up to 7.5 billion pounds through productivity gains attributed to broadband
· Up to 16 billion fewer miles could be driven as broadband enables more people to work from home and shop online
· Every school child in Britain will be able to learn via broadband
· More than 18 million people in the UK will be shopping online
· Millions of hospital outpatient appointments will be booked over broadband.”

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, added his congratulations saying: “It is great news for the whole communications industry that BT has been able to make this announcement a year ahead of target. It is also of vital importance for everyone in the UK – businesses and consumers. Broadband has the ability to transform the way we live our lives – whether in business, education or in how we use our leisure time. Most significantly of all, the adoption of broadband technology will enhance the UK’s ability to compete in the modern knowledge economy.”


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