1797 — Avaya Contact Center Solutions Help RCI International Increase Sales and Customer Service

Jun 14, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Avaya has announced that RCI International has implemented its solutions at its contact center in Mexico City to improve productivity and customer service while handling more than 18,000 calls a day.

RCI International provides members with time share vacation properties throughout Mexico. The company’s two contact centers in Mexico City, Mexico and Montevideo, Uruguay receive over 10,000 calls a day from customers in the United States and Latin America and generate between 80-90 percent of the company’s revenues. In addition to fielding 10,000 calls a day (9,000 of which are from the United States), the company makes approximately 9,000 outbound calls each day to members and potential customers.

‘Since RCI’s contact center is at the heart of their business, it is critical for them to offer a high level of service and respond to calls as quickly as possible. Implementing Avaya solutions have enabled them to respond to more than 80 percent of incoming calls in 20 seconds or less,’ explained José Gómez Obregon, managing director of Avaya Mexico .

‘The effectiveness with which we generate sales is directly proportional to the income we generate for the company. Leading-edge technology that enables us to make our sales more agile and effective is indispensable for us,’ said Alfonso Heredia, vice president of Contact Centers for RCI International. ‘We consider Avaya’s technology platform a competitive advantage and a strength for our business. It has made our operations more efficient by reducing operating costs and increasing profitability ,’ he added.

Avaya Contact Center solutions also provide RCI International with an easier integration of all of its software applications, which are used on a daily basis to exchange information with the company’s various partners. Avaya solutions include call monitoring that analyzes the number of calls on hold, their length, and provides statistics that allow management to optimize employees’ time by routing calls at peak hours to certain groups of operators, thus enhancing the service quality and personal attention.

In addition, RCI International is using Avaya technology to develop other lines of business, such as a travel agency, as well as delivering outsourcing services to tourism developers whose customer service, reservation, maintenance, and financial collection needs are supported by RCI.


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