1829 — Aspect Communications and TuVox Enable Rapid Contact Center Deployment of Speech-Enabled Voice Self-Service

Aug 2, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Aspect Communications Corporation and TuVox announced that they can enable contact center deployment of sophisticated, fully customized speech applications 50 to 75 percent faster than traditional voice self-service solutions.

“By working with industry leaders like Aspect, we provide large contact center operations with speech applications that are affordable, easy to deploy and maintain, and are intuitive for callers to use,” said Larry Miller, president and CEO of TuVox. “Our combined technologies should raise the bar for both ease of deployment and callers’ experiences with voice self-service

TuVox speech applications are deployed on Aspect’s scalable, open standards-based IVR platform—Aspect Customer Self-Service (CSS). Aspect recently validated TuVox technology on Aspect CSS. The solution supports VoiceXML and enhanced natural language processing technology. User-friendly, voice self-service automation can lower costs, improve productivity and reduce caller frustration.

“Historically, many voice self-service applications have been expensive and time-consuming to deploy,” said Brian Gentile, chief marketing officer at Aspect. “By leveraging TuVox’s strengths, our Aspect CSS customers can raise caller satisfaction by deploying high-quality speech applications in weeks rather than months, significantly increasing call automation and ROI


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