1835 — Fluency Launches the VSA Suite

Aug 8, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Fluency Voice Technology , a provider of speech recognition applications for use in call centers launcheds its new Virtual Speech Agent (VSA) Suite, a fully integrated application suite that enables call centers to not only automate their call centre workflows but also to manage the system internally giving them operational flexibility as well as reducing service delivery costs.

Until recently, speech recognition has been a service only affordable to large call centers – organizations with 250 plus seats. With improved technology falling costs and changing consumer perceptions, speech is now becoming affordable to call centers with 50 or more seats – a worldwide market of over 70,000 call centers, states Fluency Voice. In support of these trends, the VSA Suite has been developed to provide a low cost ‘out of the box’ speech application suite that supports common call centre transactions across all industry sectors. This enables organizations, large or small, to deploy their investment rapidly and with limited risk.

“We are excited to be the first company with a quality enterprise speech enabled solution that is quick to deploy and cost-effective enough for the small to mid-tier call center,” said Philip Padfield, CEO at Fluency Voice Technology. “In addition, the VSA Suite provides the foundation for our customizable solutions to accommodate some of the world’s largest volume call centers demanding industry specific expertise,” added Philip .


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