1907 — Linde AG opts for Equant`s Adaptive VPN

Sep 19, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Equant has signed a three-year agreement with the international technology group Linde AG to develop a 30-site adaptive VPN solution in the Asia Pacific region with additional connections to follow.

Linde wanted to expand its IT infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region. The aim was to consolidate the infrastructure and design an IT communication platform that satisfied all future business-relevant requirements. The objective was to make future business locations and services simple to integrate, while facilitating adaptation to changing bandwidth requirements. Linde opted for an adaptive VPN from Equant that is both flexible and scalable, meeting its requirements.

With leased-line and DSL access, Internet VPN (combined with VPN bridge), dial-on-demand routers and remote users as well as a network-based Internet basic outbound gateway, Equant ensures a flexible and regionally-oriented WAN that supports Linde’s Asia Pacific expansion plans at every level.

‘We weren’t looking for a network based on a single technology, but a network capable of combining a variety of different solutions,’ said Dr. Peter Wroblowski, CIO of Linde AG. ‘In addition, it had to be an adaptive solution that was both cost-efficient as well as flexible, while at the same time meeting current and future communications requirements. Equant convinced us with its adaptive IP VPN, its international team and its regional expertise.


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