1908 — Telefónica to deploy Lucent`s NavisRadius AAA software to introduce secure data services to internal network

Sep 19, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Lucent Technologies announced a contract with Telefónica Soluciones to provide secure solutions that will enable Telefónica to connect its new central office in Madrid to its internal network — granting secure access to 14,000 additional employees. Under this agreement Lucent will provide systems, software and services that will be used internally by Telefónica to provide network security as well as to authenticate employees attempting to access the network.

Lucent will provide its NavisRadius Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) platform to authenticate each Telefónica employee before allowing access to the company’s secure intranet.

‘As one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, security is always a great concern for us. We also feel that it is important to show our customers that we can vouch first hand for our services, as we use them ourselves daily,‘ said Eduardo Ballesteros, NGN associated director, Telefónica Soluciones. ‘Lucent’s NavisRadius AAA solution was the obvious choice for us, as it manages all of our authentication needs and supports the latest next-generation technologies. Lucent’s expertise gives us confidence in the quality of the network security we will be employing.

Lucent’s solution will be used to connect affiliate offices to the central network. It will also serve as a showcase for Telefónica’s customers as the operator demonstrates the latest technologies and uses its own network as a working reference.

‘It was important for Lucent to provide Telefónica Soluciones with a solution that would ensure secure access regardless of the access method, whether it be LAN, Wi-Fi or VoIP,’ said Baudouin Boreux, vice president, sales, Lucent Technologies Network Operations Software. ‘The Lucent AAA solution will help Telefónica improve its internal security by enabling the rapid introduction of data services while at the same time securing its growing multi-service IP infrastructure .’

Telefónica Moviles, the mobile service provider of Telefónica, deployed the Lucent software solution last year and rapidly introduced secure data services to its subscribers over its new third-generation (3G) Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) network, and existing GSM and GPRS networks. The NavisRadius AAA management software enabled the mobile operator to successfully roll-out a number of security features, through advanced authentication and authorization capabilities, to 19.6 million subscribers.


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