1934 — Avaya IP Telephony Applications Win Back-to-Back Miercom Awards for Best Mobility Support and IP Contact Center Reporting

Oct 18, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Avaya announced its industry-leading IP-based mobility and contact center solutions have been honored with awards from Business Communications Review (BCR) magazine and Miercom, a leading network consultancy and product test center.

The awards were given in recent competitive reviews conducted by Miercom and published in BCR. In the review of IP telephony applications, Avaya received the award for Best Mobility Support, 2005 Advanced Applications for its ‘burgeoning array of supported mobile clients and features.’ In a separate review of IP-based contact centers, Avaya received a Best IP Contact Center Reporting award for the advanced, yet easy-to-use capabilities of Avaya’s multichannel contact management and reporting platforms.

‘The true value of IP telephony lies in the applications it enables,’ said Ed Mier, founder of Miercom. ‘As demonstrated by its industry leading IP-based mobility and contact center applications, Avaya is delivering the kinds of features companies count on to improve responsiveness to customers and colleagues, operate more efficiently and unlock significant new productivity benefits .’

Miercom reviewed release 5.2 of the IP Softphone, which lets users bring up video automatically with a phone call or add video after the call connects.

Miercom also reviewed a new SIP softphone that enables both point-to-point communications and networked communications through a third-party SIP proxy server. Miercom noted the SIP softphone features ‘nice desktop-integration capabilities, such as with Microsoft Outlook, and also ‘click to dial.” Using click to dial, a phone number on any Web page can be dialed automatically with just a click of a mouse.

The report said the various layers of reporting capabilities that Avaya offers distinguish the company from its competitors. Basic Call Management Reporting is available out of the box with Avaya call center solutions, while a more sophisticated Call Management System can be added for more detailed real-time and historical reporting. Additionally, Miercom says that Avaya Operational Analyst offers an ‘excellent, graphically rich client-based historical data analysis,’ as well as ‘three-dimensional real-time activity graphing, with the ability to find and view just selected data points.’

In discussing Avaya’s solution Ed Mier wrote: ‘Of the dozen or so comparative aspects of IP contact centers we applied in the review, we especially laud Avaya Interaction Center for offering the best reporting capabilities – enabling contact center supervisors to easily track call, queue and agent activity, in real time as well as historical, to whatever level of detail they desire .’

‘These Miercom tests cover key areas that businesses must address if they are to remain competitive in today’s 24/7 world,‘ said Michael Thurk, group vice president, Global Communications Solutions, Avaya. ‘Winning these awards reinforces why more businesses are turning to Avaya when it comes to mobilizing workers and deploying enhanced levels of customer service across any global location. By helping businesses embed more intelligent communications capabilities into the heart of their operations, we enable companies to get more out of their investment and deliver new value to their bottom line.’


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