1952 — Netcall launches a range of telephony solutions

Nov 14, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Netcall launched a range of integrated customer call handling solutions at this year’s Call Centre Association Annual Convention in Scotland. The solutions, which include Netcall CallMeBack, InTouch and Identifier, are designed for organisations of any size and provide simple ways to boost call handling efficiency as well as improving customer service, reinforcing brand identity and providing essential customer communication tools, whilst Netcall’s FirstContact, VirtualACD and ConnectAll products are designed for smaller organisations.

Henrik Bang, CEO Netcall, said, “Whether you are looking to extend your existing operational capacity or just starting to explore ways to handle your calls more efficiently, Netcall’s range of highly scalable and flexible solutions will maximise the quality of your telephone interaction with your customers, boosting retention and ultimately increasing profits

Netcall CallMeBack is designed to provide organisations with an effective way of handling enquiries from Internet-based customers who need help whilst online, and in-store customers whose query or information request can not be handle by onsite staff. CallMeBack has also been enhanced to include a variety of new features, and now for the first time is available as a CPE based application.

Netcall InTouch makes proactive outbound calls, communicating directly with customers through a combination of recorded messages and text-to-speech. This solution allows businesses to remind customers about appointments or offers, and facilitates new cross- and up-selling opportunities. Netcall Identifier gives businesses more information about what drives their inbound calls, helping companies measure the success of their marketing and advertising. All information is held online, giving minute by minute updates about where phone calls are coming from and how enquiries are being handled.


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