2002 — UK Outsourcer SBS Selects CosmoCom for New Platform

Dec 20, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

CosmoCom announced that SBS, a marketing consultancy and contact center outsourcer based in Edinburgh, UK, has chosen CosmoCall Universe to support both its existing business and its innovative growth plans. SBS will be using CosmoCom’s Contact Center On-Demand (CCOD) platform to create unique CCOD service offerings that leverage SBS’s advanced marketing and analytical skills.

‘SBS’s value proposition is based on Return on Investment (ROI), not on commodity pricing,‘ explained Robert Innes, Director and one of the founders. ‘Rather than competing on scale and price, we add value by designing campaigns and continuously improving them using our advanced analytical capabilities. Every month we try to tell our clients, typically the top UK brand names like Vodafone, something about their campaigns they don’t already know. We love the challenge, and the clients love to get the information. We report and process our results with an exceedingly high level of granularity in terms of market segmentation, and this enables us to refine our focus and thus improve our campaign results continuously.’

‘CosmoCom gave us everything we needed to support our current activities and our future vision,’ Innes added. ‘We specialize in combining live voice and video communication with highly personalized electronic communication, and CosmoCom’s platform gives us a unified, multi-channel environment for inbound and outbound applications. We needed the ability to integrate our data analysis capabilities with queuing, routing, and agent interaction functions, and CosmoCom’s open APIs make this remarkably quick and easy to do .’

Innes continued, ‘we wanted to offer the value combination of our marketing capabilities and CosmoCom’s platform as a service to other outsourcers and end users. This way we can leverage our core competence in bigger and better campaigns without exceeding our own operational capacities. CosmoCom shares our vision of Contact Center On-Demand and specializes in providing a platform for such services. That’s why we’ve decided to transition all of our work from our legacy environment to the CosmoCom platform .’


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