2028 — Scottish Widows Drives Quality Improvements Using Witness Systems Compliance Recording

Jan 13, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Witness Systems announced that Scottish Widows has installed its compliance recording solution. The company has deployed the recording system in its Chatham contact center to capture 100 percent of customer queries and payments on insurance policies.

The organization is using the technology to train agents and improve accuracy, increase the timeliness of information, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance customer service by eliminating the need in many instances for customers to confirm details in writing – dramatically accelerating the claims process.

With products ranging from ordinary long term insurance to savings and investment solutions, Scottish Widows receives in excess of 80,000 customer calls every month. With the implementation of Witness Systems’ compliance recording solution, the company can ensure consistent quality by capturing 100 percent of customer interactions – including the navigation of automatic systems and human interactions with agents. It also assigns contact attributes or ‘tags’ to recordings for easy identification and reference, and holds all data related to a customer interaction in a unified database, which can be accessed and shared through the enterprise. The central storage of these calls is easily accessible for team leaders and training advisors to later use for improving agent interactions in Scottish Widows’ Central Quality Unit.

‘The Witness Systems call recording solution is a great tool for Scottish Widows,’ commented Jan Knights, team manager, Scottish Widows. ‘We can provide an enhanced and more immediate customer experience over the phone, and it is also excellent for coaching purposes, because we can quickly and easily assess different types of calls handled by a specific employee.’ Jan Knights added: ‘Once training managers have tracked calls against specific targets, they can then play back specific segments of customer interactions to the agents to help them realize where they can improve, and then monitor them as they progress towards their individual goals. As well as training agents in issues such as regulatory compliance, from a broader business perspective, call recording provides proof of conversations, which are essential when we have compliance audits.’

Further, increased visibility of archived calls helps Scottish Widows set more specific targets for agent development. As part of its agent review schemes, Scottish Widows can specify the types of calls it wants to evaluate and identify areas for improvement and monitor the progress each agent is making against their targets.

‘Since the introduction of Witness Systems’ technology within the quality team in Chatham, we have been able to increase the amount of calls that we quality check and proactively respond to the results,’ added Sadie Gough, team manager, Scottish Widows. ‘The system allows us to easily access the archive to select any call by agent name or time of day. Any manager can request specific types of interactions through the call tagging functionality and then listen to them at their desktop – they don’t have to wait for a tape to be sent through .’


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