2053 — BT and Alcatel sign 21st Century Network contract

Mar 6, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel has completed contract negotiations with BT, confirming its participation as one of the preferred suppliers to the operator’s next-generation network

Alcatel will provide its 7750 Service Router and 5620 Service Aware Manager for 21CN’s Metro node. The Metro node is a critical part of BT’s 21CN and is the point at which traffic is intelligently managed, directed and delivered over the MPLS core. ‘Service and subscriber aware’ switching is provided by these Alcatel solutions whereby traffic is assigned Quality of Service priorities based on the service to which it relates.

Jacques Dunogué, Alcatel Executive Vice-President Europe & South commented that ‘By choosing Alcatel to provide them with part of their enabling telecoms infrastructure, BT is taking our long-standing relationship to new levels. Combined with our rapid rise to the number two position in the IP edge aggregation market, Alcatel starts 2006 with a strong market momentum in the IP network transformation arena.’


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