2103 — Yankee Group reveals big barriers to the adoption of Mobile Value-Added Services

Jun 16, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Yankee Group has disclosed the results of its 2006 European Mobile Multimedia Survey which indicate that user demand for mobile TV is modest and that user interest in full-track music downloads remains low.

This comprehensive examination of European mobile multimedia trends (ringtones, ringback tones and full-track downloads), video/TV, gaming, video telephony, MMS and mobile browsing)reveals that only 11% of respondents are very interested in the mobile TV service. Once confronted with the reality of how much the TV service is likely to cost (i.e., €15 or US $19 per month), 85% of respondents said they are less interested in the service.

5% of respondents claim to be prepared to pay more than a 20% premium for full-track downloads. Alternative music-related services are more interesting to the user and more likely to generate revenue in the short term. Yankee Group urges industry to do more to convince users that browsing and downloading is safe and affordable. Almost 40% of respondents said fears over price dissuade them from downloading more ringtones.

However, mobile operators are overcoming the technical barriers to delivering many of their services, says Yankee Group. Picture messaging—which in the past was dogged by unreliability and poor ease-of-use—seems to have solved those problems. Respondents’ main barriers to using picture messaging are price and no need to send picture.

Matt Hatton, Yankee Group Wireless/Mobile Europe senior analyst commented that “results illustrate that mobile operators have some pretty substantial barriers to overcome to drive growth in value-added services and that Operators are pinning their hopes on advanced applications such as music and TV to drive revenue growth, but they still have a lot of technical, pricing and marketing issues to overcome to drive adoption. They’ll get there, but maybe not through the services they think“.


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