2104 — Call Center operates across boundaries with Wicom technology

Jun 16, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Wicom Communications announced that Competence Call Center is bringing together its German, Austrian and Swiss operations into one virtual call center with the help of its Communication Server Suite.

The Competence Call Center’s 250 employees in the German capital and 50 agents in Zurich are already using the Wicom solution, and now also the company’s operations in Linz, Austria will run on Wicom CSS. The Wicom CSS is an open standards-based all-IP telephony software suite, allowing a single, integrated system to be used for multi-channel customer service, telesales, enterprise telephony and mobility.

The virtualisation of our Call Center opened up new opportunities for us to deploy our resources at an optimum level. We are now able to offer a better customer service at competitive costs to our clients. The easy and fast integration of Wicom’s solution within our networks allows us to quickly respond to customer requirements ”, says Christian Legat, Managing Director of CCC in Berlin.

Wicom’s CSS enables CCC to offer timelier and more effective customer service. A customer calling into the call center, whose details are already captured on the database, is put through to an agent who instantly receives all relevant information about the caller. Incoming queries via e-mail are also handled in this way. The system decides which agent is most suitable on the basis of key words included in the incoming query. This type of intelligent routing means incoming calls are put straight through to the right agent, cutting down waiting times and minimizing the amount of call transfers.

“Wicom’s VoIP solution enables agents in Call Centers to be much more flexible. If for example there is an influx of calls coming into the Linz center, colleagues in Berlin or Zurich can be brought in to share the load at the click of a mouse button and within seconds agent numbers handling inquiries increase significantly”, explains Stephan Bahr, Regional Sales manager for Wicom in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Agents don’t need to be physically present for this. The Communications Server Suite integrates not only home office workers but also agents available on mobile phones


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