2114 — Web Savvy Brits Making £341 Each Online A Year

Jul 7, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

More than half of Brits (54%) are making money by selling items online says the poll of over 1,000 adults commissioned by Orange Broadband to mark its current free broadband offer.

They’ve made a total of £8.5bn1 nationwide in the past year alone – that’s a whopping average of £341 each! In fact it’s true to say that broadband internet has truly recreated Britain’s great tradition as a ‘nation of shopkeepers’.

And it’s the money hungry thirty-somethings who are raking in the most cash. Of those admitting to making money online in the last 12 months, over one in 10 (11.9 per cent) claim to have made profits of at least £500.

Free services by companies such as Orange Broadband, have opened up access to the net for many. The ‘always on’ element of broadband, coupled with the faster speeds it provides, means that customers can get online and make their money in next to no time.

But it’s not just the chance to make money that is keeping the nation plugged into the internet – vanity and the chance to meet like minded others are also starting to play their part. The majority (63.6 per cent) of posing pollsters aged between 26 and 30 have set up their online profiles through networking sites plus almost a third admit to spending 11 or more evenings a month at their computers despite having the opportunity to go out and meet their friends. Almost a fifth (18.2 per cent) have also created their own personal website and one in five (4.5 per cent) are frequent bloggers.



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