2134 — Call Center Employees Prone To Diabetes And Stress-Related Illnesses

Aug 11, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

A new study says employees of call centers are prone to diabetes and ailments related to high blood pressure. The Delhi Research Diabetic Center (DDRC) conducted the study, and found that most of these young people develop these illnesses due to changes in their lifestyles.

Dr. A.K. Jhingan, Director of DDRC says that individuals in this category tend to drink a lot of sodas and eat fast food frequently.

Diabetes becomes a more likely illness they will have to face since they lack exercise and also because of changes in their behavioral patterns. The DDRC points out that the stresses that call center employees undertake are also a risk factor.

The present study was done over a period of two years. Dr. Jhingan said that this was part of a larger study to be done on this particular group of young people. He’s hoping to cover more youngsters working in the sector in an around Delhi.

Jhingan suggests corrective life-style therapy to deal with job-related illnesses. He also says strict exercise regimes and positive thinking helps. At any rate, he felt that regular medical-checkups are a must to avoid major health complications at a young age.

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