2140 — SC First Bank goes live with latest BT voice trading technology in Seoul

Aug 21, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

BT announced that SC First Bank has deployed the latest voice trading technology, including BT’s ITS.Netrix collaboration device, at its new trading floor in Seoul, South Korea.

The new trading floor, which accommodates 76 Global Markets traders, has been equipped with the ITS.Netrix device which traders will use to manage their voice communications. They will also have the option to integrate other communication channels such as video, email and web in the future.

BT worked with its local partner ITS Convergence to implement a p51 ITS voice platform which supports voice distribution and conferencing for up to 100 users, and offers full integration with the bank’s existing Avaya PBX telephony system. Local distributor POS was hired to implement voice recording software from Nice Systems, so that all calls to and from the trading floor are automatically recorded and a full audit trail is available for compliance purposes.

BT and ITS Convergence also worked together to implement 150 remote PCs from WEY Technologies on the trading floor. The computers are housed within the bank’s machine room twenty metres away from the traders’ desktops – with all video, audio, keyboard and mouse signals carried over a CAT6 structured cabling system which gives maximum reliability and performance. Housing the PCs in the central machine room keeps them secure, freeing up valuable space around the traders’ desks to reduce processing noise and the need for air conditioning on the trading floor. The traders have also been equipped with 25 WEYRAY keyboards – allowing them to control up to six PCs from a single keyboard, freeing up even more space on their desks.

Mr Andy Wicks, global head of technology integration, SC First Bank said that “SC First Bank has ambitious goals – we were keen to upgrade our technology following the acquisition by Standard Chartered and ensure that our traders are equipped to compete effectively in the fast-growing Korean market. The new technology, including the ITS.Netrix device, revolutionises the way our traders work. Functionality such as speed dials, the ability to quickly distinguish between client calls and conference in or out at the touch of a button, is expected to give substantial productivity gains .” 


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