287 — KANA Study Reveals Customer Demand Driving Financial ServicesAdoption of Real-time and Web-based Customer Service Industry

Jul 9, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Customer Communication via the Web Results in High-Quality Interactions at Low Cost.logokana

KANA (NASDAQ: KANA), the leading provider of external-facing eCRM solutions, announced in June 18 that a recent survey of financial service customers revealed that they demand knowledgeable and intelligent contact centre support in real-time. The survey showed that customers are increasingly turning to the Web for e-mail and self-service support, and demanding the same level of knowledgeable service as in phone-based interactions when seeking sensitive information regarding their personal finances.

The study, sponsored by KANA, compared customer service across a range of industries. Results showed that particularly within the financial services industry, customers demand their contact centre representatives be highly-educated in the specifics of their accounts, and can quickly and effectively answer questions and respond to customer demands, whether on the phone or via Web-based interaction.

Key findings related to customer care in the financial services industry include:

·Nearly all respondents seek real-time answers, regardless of the communication channel.

·47 percent of the respondents would prefer to communicate with the organisation via Web self-service.

·35 percent of respondents already communicate via Web self-service, second only to the phone as the most popular communication channel.

·customers still rely on phone-based communication more than any other single channel, Web-based interaction (incorporating e-mail, Web self-service and chat) now represents more than half of all communications between customers and the industry.

While the phone remains a top method of communication for customers within the industry, Web self-service is rapidly growing in popularity and represents more than one third of customer communications, positioning the industry as one of the leaders in adoption of the solution. By empowering customers to easily find information via the Web, financial services industry leaders that have implemented self-service and e-mail management are not only moving ahead of this industry trend but are also significantly reducing the costs associated with their contact centres by serving customers via these low cost channels.

“Customers in the financial services industry are demanding personalised and intelligent service, as they deal with issues related to their personal finances,” said Alf Saggese, MD, EMEA for KANA. “This study shows that customers are now demanding this high-level of service across multiple touch points. By integrating KANA’s modular eCRM solutions, leaders in this cutting-edge industry have been able to provide superior levels of service on a flexible application framework that enables fast time to value and maximum return on investment.”


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