290 — KANA IQ Scales to Unprecedented Level of Unique and Complex Knowledge Sessions Based on Recent Benchmark

Jul 9, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

KANA’s External-Facing eCRM Solution Enables Businesses to Meet Growing Customer Demand at Lower Costs.logokana

KANA, the leading provider of external-facing eCRM solutions, announced in June 27 that through a recent scalability and performance benchmark, its market-leading KANA IQ(tm) software demonstrated its ability to scale to meet the requirements for large-scale, high-volume, Web-based self service and agent-assisted service.

The benchmark, conducted by the KANA Scalability and Performance Lab, showed that KANA IQ easily handles over 460,000 knowledge sessions per day, allowing for the ability to support the needs of the largest enterprises, including a model company with over 60 million customers. Leveraging KANA IQ’s horizontal and vertical scalability, enterprises can reliably scale their operations to manage thousands of simultaneous users and millions of complex interactions.

KANA IQ is one of KANA’s modular eCRM solutions and brings together a self-service solution for customers along with an assisted-service solution for contact centre agents. It provides a robust knowledge base that enables customers and agents alike to quickly and accurately locate the information they need, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity, all while reducing queue times and low-value interactions.

Through this benchmark, KANA IQ doubled the target objective of a quarter of a million knowledge sessions per day, demonstrating the product’s ability to achieve high levels of concurrent unique sessions a day, while maintaining appropriate end-user response times.

“KANA’s customers include some of the largest companies in the world and these results show KANA IQ’s ability to ultimately handle several million complex management sessions per month, making it the most scalable solution of its kind,” said Bud Michael, executive vice president of products and marketing at KANA. “This benchmark is a testament to the value that we deliver to our customers by equipping them with eCRM solutions that enable them to provide high-quality interactions, while being able to scale to meet growing demand at the lowest cost possible.”

The benchmark was conducted in three phases, vertical scalability, horizontal scalability and concurrent user mixed-load benchmarks. In addition to KANA IQ’s ability to exceed nearly half a million sessions per day, the number of Web server page hits per day measured over three million.

The majority of these page hits represented dynamic IQ session activity including session creation at 460,000 per day, natural language queries (NLQ) at 460,000 per day and viewing related solutions at 1.3 million per day, indicating that KANA IQ is capable of scaling to meet the vertical, horizontal and concurrent user requirements for large, enterprise-level implementations.

“As organisations seek to provide superior levels of customer service to remain competitive, self-service capabilities are critical, as well as cost-effective,” said Yankee Group Analyst Devon Shea. “KANA’s desire to help companies meet this growing demand by being able to process personalised interactions at high volumes shows their commitment to providing robust and scalable solutions.”


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