299 — Flemish government renews and expandscontract with SITEL

Jul 9, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Belgian regional government expands contract scope for citizen information service; agrees to 5 year renewal.logositel

SITEL Corporation (NYSE:SWW), a leading global provider of outsourced customer support services, announced in May 7 that the Flemish Government, a regional government of Belgium, has renewed its agreement with SITEL to provide expanded citizen information services for an additional 5 years, through 2007. This new agreement further underscores SITEL’s proven ability to cost-effectively deliver world-class service and support for government agencies.

In order to increase the accessibility and quality of its information services, the Flemish Government first selected SITEL in 1998 to set up a contact center to handle its citizens’ inquiries. This common front-office, known as Vlaamse Infolijn, today plays a crucial role in the support of major governmental information campaigns, each of them generating an enormous flow of information requests.

Under the terms of the new agreement, SITEL customer service professionals (CSPs) will continue to provide information services via voice and email from SITEL’s state-of-the-art multichannel contact center facility in Brussels, Belgium. In addition, the Vlaamse Infolijn will expand to include the merger of all other existing information lines into one contact number, thus becoming the single point of contact for all government inquiries. In the future, all information requests, whether generated by government media campaigns or otherwise, will be handled by front-line SITEL CSPs.

“The ability to provide a single, reachable point of contact for all government inquiries is an essential component of our communications policy,” said Patrick Dewael, Minister-President of the Flemish Government, and Mireille Van Pollaert, Project Leader of the Vlaamse Infolijn. “For the last three years the Vlaamse Infolijn has played a vital role in the Flemish Government’s communication program, and we are confident that SITEL will continue to help us achieve our citizen relationship management objective of efficient, friendly, and reliable communication between the government and the Flemish citizens. The Vlaamse Infolijn will set the trend for government information centers across the globe.”

Eddy Van de Poel and Marc Jans, Co-Managing Directors of SITEL Central Europe, said, “We are delighted to continue our strong relationship with the Flemish Government. We have enjoyed great success with the Vlaamse Infolijn for more than three years, and fully share the client’s commitment to provide accessible, professional, and reliable service. This renewal and expansion of our contract is a real vote of confidence in SITEL, and we look forward to continuing to deliver first class information services to the Flemish citizens.”


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