379 — BT invests in Eyretel Contact Centre Solutions

Jul 23, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

BT Retail’s Consumer Marketing Operations And Sales Division Invests In Eyretel Contact Centre Analysis Solutions To Improve Customer RelationshipsEyretel

Eyretel plc, a global provider of voice and data recording, quality monitoring and analysis systems for both traditional and IP Telephony customer contact environments, in 22 July announced that BT Retail’s Marketing Operations and Sales (MO&S) division is demonstrating its customer commitment through a substantial investment in a suite of Eyretel call recording and analysis solutions.

The new Eyretel(tm) systems will allow BT Retail MO&S to analyse the content of customer conversations undertaken by around two thousand telemarketing agents at its customer contact centre sites in Newcastle, Doncaster and Glasgow. The company will be able to automatically analyse recordings of customer conversations to spot ‘significant’ events – such as a customer closing an account – or to identify instances where agents can benefit from
additional training or coaching through play-back of recorded contacts.

The two new Eyretel solutions are:

  * QualityCall(tm) – quality management software that improves agent performance through an unbiased scoring methodology and enables the contact centre manager to pinpoint the exact training requirements of each agent.

  * Replay Studio(tm) – software that identifies important calls for further business analysis and agent training and provides a fast and comprehensive overview of all recorded contacts in an easy to view graphical table.

Both solutions are in the process of being integrated with BT’s existing Eyretel MediaStore® call recording solution, which the division has used successfully to capture customer contacts for the past two years. The new combined recording and analysis solution will enable BT to record voice calls and ‘screen-based interactions’ simultaneously – a key factor in the effective monitoring of all customer contact channels, including web chat and email.

Consumer Marketing Operations and Sales is part of BT Retail, the largest division within the BT Group, which serves both business and residential markets. It handles inbound and outbound calling activity – inbound in response to advertising campaigns and outbound to generate sales for BT Retail. Sales resolution rates and the customer experience are very important to the success of the division and agent quality monitoring is key to improving both.

QualityCall will give managers the opportunity to spot agent training needs and help to ensure consistency through QualityCall’s score plans. In addition, Replay Studio will offer management greater insight into how customers are responding to a particular campaign. This information will be one of several important sources in BT Retail’s MO&S decision-making process each time it decides to update its customer strategies.

The new solutions are not only compatible with BT Retail MO&S existing Eyretel MediaStore contact recording solution but also with the company’s existing CRM software, used throughout its contact centres. Two-thirds of
BT Retail MO&S agents currently use Graham Technology software, whilst the rest use Siebel software.

Mike Garrow, responsible for implementing the solutions at BT comments, ‘Every customer contact is important to us, which is why we’ve invested in this series of Eyretel products to improve our customer responsiveness across the board. The solutions also integrate well with our existing CRM software programmes, enabling us to streamline our technology and give our customers the richest and most responsive service possible. Integration is key to running advanced contact centres such as ours, which is why Eyretel’s integration capability was a key factor for us in making this important decision. We also required a system that was both robust and capable of delivering the advanced functionality that today’s contact solutions demand. In our search to find the very best we undertook an exhaustive selection exercise to identify solutions that would help us maintain excellent customer contact standards and we were delighted with Eyretel’s offering.’

Roger Andrews, Executive Vice President, EMEA for Eyretel says, ‘BT Retail MO&S choice of Eyretel solutions demonstrates the value the company places on achieving the very best from its customer contact centres; appreciating
as it does the business benefits that recording and analysing customer interactions and quality management can bring.’


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