415 — SPECIAL REPORT: Facts and Figures of Call Centres in UK – an Overview. Part I: ‘The Structure of the UK Call Centre Industry – Market Size’

Jan 20, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Sixty per cent of UK call centres have a size range of 10-50 agents, employing 60,000 workers and financial services account for the highest share of the industry. This are two of the main conclusions of a survey carried out by ContactBabel to around 3,000 UK call and contact centres.Charts Logo

Despite the decrease of the number of call centres as the size range grows, workers are mainly concentrated on the two extremes of the pyramid: 25 per cent of agents work in call centres with a size range up to 100 employees, while an overwhelming 59 per cent are placed in large call centres (250 employees and over).

Financial services hold the highest number of call centres in UK – 19 per cent. Banks, credit card and insurances companies are amongst the largest users of contact centres, and many extensive operations are concentrated here: more than 36 per cent of the 500- employees-and-over call centres are financial ones.Chart 2

With 12 per cent share, the retail and distribution sector runs the second-largest number of contact centre operations in UK. In third position is the transport and travel industry. Some 11 per cent of UK’s contact centres are managed by this industry that includes travel agents, public transport companies, airlines and car hire firms.

The telecom industry – fixed and mobile operators – accounts for only 5 per cent but has a pivotal impact in the industry as a whole, as many telecoms run considerable huge call centres (13 percent of the 500-employees-and-over call centres are in the telecoms sector).

With 123,736 agents – 30% of the total figures – the vertical market of financial services is also the biggest agents employer , more than doubling the retail and distribution sector, ranking second with 53,543 workers.

Ranking third, telecoms employ over 36,000 agents in call centres – 9 per cent of the total – despite having only 5 per cent of the call centres.

Filipe Samora

Source (data and charts): ContactBabel. All data report to 2002.
ContactBabel is a UK-based analysis firm focusing upon the global contact centre and CRM industries.


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