421 — Tecnomen develops new facilities for its modular voice mail solution

Jan 22, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Tecnomen, a Finnish business providing voice-messaging solutions, announced the introduction of a new range of services for its voice mail solution, Tecnomen Messaging, enabling operators to promote “customer loyalty” and “increase revenues.”Logo

The package of features includes Missed Call Notice, Greet and Route Service and an enhanced version of the E-Mail Reader Service , designed to allow voice mail systems to function as a personal assistant and to increase subscriber’s use of voice mail.

“Tecnomen has developed this new package of voice mail services in response to the need of operators to increase voice mail and other voice services usage and revenues. These new features are built on Tecnomen’s proven voice mail solution to provide attractive and useful services to subscribers and a fast return on investment for operators,” said Jukka Hurri, vice president of Messaging Solutions, Tecnomen.

Missed Call Notice alerts subscribers to calls that are diverted to voice mail, but without the caller leaving a message. It keeps track of these missed calls, noting the caller’s number, and the time and date of the call. This utility registers the number of times the person has called as well as information about the first and last call made.

Tecnomen Greet and Route service allows subscribers to set different greetings and call routing rules for different callers, while with E-mail Reader  they can listen to their e-mail messages interactively and in real time, replying with voice messages.


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