504 — Alcatel runs IP Forum from 25-27 Feb. at Paris

Feb 12, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel, the French supplier of telecommunication infrastructures, internet access and optical networks, will hold its annual forum at the Palais des Congrès, Paris. This year the theme of the event is “Making IP communications work for you”, and will include conferences, demonstrations, testimonials and seminars throughout 6,000 sq. metres.

Europecontactcenter leaves here a route-guide for the main events, related to the call and contact centre industry:

25 Feb. – 14h00: “Why integrate your contact centre and your CRM application?” by Alexandre Gultzgott (Aventis), Auditorium 243.

Conference Brief: To move to a more customer oriented organisation, Aventis Pasteur has identified several ways of improvements. A new organisation for Customer Services. A single point of contact, an IVR, CTI and CRM are the main tools to help providing better customer service.

25 Feb. – 14h00: “The overall economic impact of IP communications” by Tim Devine and Steven Varley (PA Consulting), Auditorium 241.

Conference Brief: Senior consultants from PA Consulting present the results of their research. What is the ROI of IP communications? What are the benefits for businesses?

25 Feb. – 15h00: “The evolution of Enterprise Voice Services” by Patrick Thorel and Frédéric Martinez (Alcatel), Auditorium 252B.

Conference Brief: In the next 12 months, the main challenges in terms of IP communication will be cost reduction, architectural flexibility, manageability and the highest levels of reliability. Beyond this 12-month time frame, the prime focus will be on managing knowledge capital and user preferences. Alcatel reviews future trends in the worldwide communication platform and the development of the OmniPCX Enterprise architecture component (software unbundling, VXML, SIP and more). A white paper from the Meta Group is distributed to all attendees.

25 Feb. – 15h00: “How to enhance your customer relationships by outsourcing your call management processes to a telecommunications operator”, by Nicolas Epelly (Cegetel), Auditorium 242A.

Conference Brief: As a result of outsourcing interactive CRM functions and arranging for them to be hosted on the operator network, companies can benefit from all the services provided by a call centre, thereby optimising their client interaction.

25 Feb. – 15h00: “Running a contact centre? Outstanding applications from partners” by PIVOTAL, SONORYS, INVISION, NICE SYSTEM, Auditorium 243.

Conference Brief: A global picture of the various applications that can be used to make a contact centre more effective. Worldwide vendors present the benefits of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), WFM (WorkForce Management) and QM (Quality Management).

25 Feb. – 15h00: “Extract the maximum value from your IT infrastructure using IP communication”, by Philippe Diez and Christophe Siraudeau (Alcatel), Auditorium 241.

Conference Brief: Existing voice and data networks represent significant capital expenses. Now businesses can capitalise on existing communication applications, IP networking, IP VPN and PBX investments to optimise the return on investment from IP communication. Now there is another alternative to forklift. Alcatel analyses the various development scenarios for implementing IP communication applications such as branch transformation and teleworking within a multi-vendor environment.

25 Feb. – 16h00: “Making IP Contact Center work for you” by Valérie Scavinner and Laurence Delattre (Alcatel), Auditorium 252B

Conference Brief: Human resources capital represents more than 60 per cent of the contact centre budget. Now it is possible to maximise it, irrespective of geographic location, as well as reducing the infrastructure costs and empowering the relationship management with customers through integrated IP Multimedia contact centre.

25 Feb. – 17h00/19h00: “IP Telephony: calculate your return on investment” by Alcatel. French Consultants Conference.

Conference Brief: The IP telephony market is taking off, yet defining and assessing the return on investment is becoming a critical concern for convergence projects. Alcatel has developed with PA Consulting a methodology and a tool which take into account customers’ specific needs and constraints in order to calculate the return on investment. This tool will be presented during the conference.

26 Feb. – 10h00: “IP communication success factors: the CIO perspective” by Steve Prentice (Gartner), Blue Amphitheatre.

Panel Discussion Brief: Steve Prentice, Gartner Group vice president, gives his vision of the evolution of Enterprise communication between 2003 and 2005,and interviews the CIOs from major worldwide organizations. CIOs from Aventis, 3M, Daimler Chrysler bank, Twenty4Help and United Nations Organisation will debate on the success factors of their implementations in the fields of network infrastructure, IP telephony, workplace transformation and customer interaction.

26 Feb. – 11h45: “How to improve voice services through speech-activated receptionist” by Markus Grasel (Telekom Austria), Auditorium 243.

Testimonial Brief: This solution overview illustrates how the Telekom Austria Group has used a product of Sonorys Technology to increase employee productivity, and improve service to customers by implementing the Voice Navigator, a speech-activated receptionist designed to voice-enable its country-wide corporate telephone network. Name Dialer for Telekom Austria allows employees to get quickly connected to desired person; Voice Attendant for customers to avoid waiting in operator queue; Voice Secretary to offer appropriate alternatives. Low operation costs are due to smooth integration with corporate network and databases. Expected ROI around six months.

26 Feb. – 11h45: “Open your contact centre to e-business applications”, by Patrig Pesret/ F. Groussoles (Alcatel), Auditorium 253.

Conference Brief: Irrespective of vertical market and type of contact centre, businesses can now benefit from CRM integration in order to increase customer satisfaction levels, agent productivity and business revenues.

27 Feb. – 10h45:  “How to move a Help Desk from a technical focus to customer care: example of a CTI implementation”, by Agostinho Ramos (Alcatel), Auditorium 243.

Testimonial Brief: How to move a Help Desk from a technical focus to customer care: example of a CTI implementation.

27 Feb. – 11h45: “Boost customer satisfaction and revenues. Implement customer relations quality in contact centers”, by Stéphane Royer (Orange Switzerland), Auditorium 243.

Testimonial Brief: Boost customer satisfaction and revenues through implementation of innovative customer relations quality contact centres: a success story. How Orange has successfully implemented customer relation quality in contact centers with quantifiable impact on customer satisfaction and revenues.

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