546 — Swyx adds conferencing function to IP Telephony suite

Mar 5, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

German IP telephony vendor Swyx Communications has announced version 4.10 of its Swyxware IP-PBX call management solution aimed at any organisation that is looking to upgrade or replace their existing telephone system. A highlighted feature of the new offering is a conference manager function allowing users to set up a virtual conference room for access by an unlimited number of internal and external parties.

VP for sales & marketing at Swyx Communications, Ralf Ebbinghaus, commented: “Companies can now set up conference calls 24/7, across multiple locations and in real time. There is no limit to the number of participants, and callers can be opted in/out of the conference via their Swyx desktop.

“Meetings can also be recorded and then emailed to colleagues after the event as a WAV file, which is a useful feature for members who were unable to attend or have to leave the meeting early. In particular, the ability to record conversations or negotiations would be appealing to industries that need to comply with legal regulations,
for instance a financial services company managing a stock portfolio.”

By applying the Swyx call routing feature, callers can be announced as they join or leave. On entry callers can be greeted with a pre-recorded message in their spoken language and given information advising them on the status of the conference call (for example, “the meeting is just about to start” or “there are x number of persons already present”). To prevent unauthorised entry to the conference, the meeting can also be controlled by PIN access.

“Whatever the nature of your business, the Swyx Conference Manager function can save you money, both on travel costs as well as long distance phone calls. Voice conferencing is also a far more personal way to communicate with colleagues and customers compared with e-mail,” Mr.Ebbinghaus added.

Because it is based on IP, if a company hosts a conference in New York and has other offices or remote workers across the globe, these would be treated as further extensions to the network, making the connection to the conference free.

According to Swyx, key markets for its application include small and medium sized companies, contact centres with multiple sites or remote workers, and legal and financial industries that may need to record conversations for compliance purposes.


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