552 — PT Prime installs Wireless LAN at ‘6NET’ consortium meeting in Lisbon

Mar 6, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

PT Prime, a subsidiary of the largest Portuguese telco, Portugal Telecom (PT), installed a pilot WLAN at the 6NET consortium meeting in Lisbon, running until Friday, allowing all the attendees permanent broadband connection to the internet. Coordinated by Cisco, 6NET is one of the largest research projects of the European Commission aimed at developing IPv6 protocol in Europe.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) also called Wireless LAN is based on a short-reach utility (up to 300 metres) allowing internet broadband access through radio (up to 11Mbps). The access platform, based on 802.11b technology, can be installed in private or public premises like airports, hotels, conference centres or entrepreneurial clusters.

According to Rogério Canhoto, coordinator of this project in Portugal, this solution “is a strategic step for the implementation of the end-user’s “always on” broadband concept, granting him with mobility, flexibility and convenience in information access, irrespective of where he is”.

Created in the beginning of 2002, the 6NET project aims at devising an international IPv6 network, based on 2.5 Gbit connections, allowing both fix and mobile access, to be implemented in 10 countries at an early stage.

“We are fully delighted with this native IPv6 pilot network, as it already allows the connection of some European countries and with the American and Asiatic continents,” added Graça Carvalho, Cisco Systems consultant. “The virtually infinite web-address registration will be a prominent short-time need if we realise the amount of devices connected to the internet within three or four years. At that time we hope to reach true accessibility married with the mobility asset”.